Service in Heaven??

I have been told the purpose of education is to prepare people for service in this life and for service in the next life. I can understand the part about service in this life. I see people each day that are in need. I see many opportunities for service. What I don’t understand is the concept of service in the next life. I have always supposed eternal life was about being in a place where no one was in need. If I am to be surrounded by beings whose needs have been amply supplied by our heavenly Father, what kind of service am I to provide? I don’t know. In I Corinthians 2:9 Paul tells us eye has not seen and ear has not heard of the wonders God has prepared for us. I am beginning to understand that it is not a saturation of material things but a host of new opportunities for service. I am excited.

In the meantime I have been having trouble regarding the question of service here. Every time I try to do something for someone God quickly rewards me. Every time I cast my bread upon the water it returns multiplied.
It seems we cannot out give God. There is so much misery in this world to make Him sad I have come to believe He sooths His pain with the joy of giving good gifts to His children. No wonder Jesus told us to begin our prayers with, “Our Father.”

Written by Roger Bothwell on August 28, 2002
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