Express Mail Guarantee

The man in front of me at the post office told the clerk his letter had to be delivered the very next day. The clerk guaranteed him it would arrive the next day. After the man left and it was my turn I asked the clerk what he meant when he guaranteed the man his letter would arrive the next day.

“Well,” said the clerk, “if it did not arrive the next day the man could get his money back.”

Somehow that left me feeling uneasy. What if the envelope contained a document necessary to complete a very important or huge financial transaction and the deal would fall apart unless the document arrived the next day? Maybe it was a bid on a contract and the contract went to someone else because the letter did not arrive. Getting back the price of an express mail letter somehow did not seem like much of a guarantee.

As I walked away I realized there are very few real guarantees in life. People say death and taxes are guaranteed. However, I know someone who has avoided taxes all his life and because he has made Jesus his savior will also avoid death. I do think the only real guaranteed items are the promises God has made us. Those we can count on. Those are for real. He always has and always will keep His word to us.

Written by Roger Bothwell on August 5,2002
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