I stopped at an auto repair shop early this morning hoping someone might be around to help. As I walked to the door a voice said, “May I help you?” Turning around I saw no one. I was looking everywhere for the owner of the voice. Suddenly a head popped out from underneath a truck. From his vantage point he had seen my feet. From my vantage point I had seen nothing.

As I drove on to school I was thinking about perspectives on life. We see or don’t see something depending upon where we are and who we are. As a member of the majority population of our country often times I not sensitive to the viewpoints of minorities. Sometimes I unknowingly say things that offend. I don’t mean to. It is because my perspective on life did not reveal to me my words could be hurtful.

As a member of the majority I can go where I want, buy a home where I want, travel where I want and pretty much get a job anywhere I am qualified. I fail to be sensitive that someone else might fear to attempt those things lest they be rejected or hurt by bigotry.

Much of what we think is truth and “the way something is” is only our perspective. Before we pop off about “only telling it the way it is” we need to remember “It” can be totally different to a different person with a different perspective.

Written by Roger Bothwell on July 11, 2002
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