Do you know anyone who makes quilts? Quilters are people who create masterpieces. They pour enormous amounts of time into their art. All those tiny stitches require great patience and the designs require an artistic eye and a very creative mind.

Like any art form, quilts express the personality of the creator. Would you guess perhaps that calm, subdued people create quilts with lots of earth tones while extroverts fashion quilts with lots of bright reds and yellows?

Just as a master quilter utilizes a vast array from shabby to elegant pieces of cloth so God takes the varied experiences of our lives and quilts each of us into an amazingly beautiful and unique person. Some of us are extroverts and some introverts. God is amazing. While He quilts us into His image, He still allows each of us to choose what kind of person we want to be. Unlike human art, which is solely the fruit of the artist’s labors, God’s art has tremendous input into itself.

It would be boring if all quilts looked alike so God would surely be bored if we were all the same. Since creation there have been approximately 80 billion people on this old planet. That means there have been 80 billion different quilts. God supplies the basics. He gives us a body and a mind and then sets us free to create the final product. What we do with those basics is up to us.

Written September 8, 2002