Getting to Know You

He stood in front of the teacher’s desk and said, “I’m 30 years old and I’m lonely. I can’t get a girlfriend.”

“Is there anyone out there you find attractive?” the teacher asked.

“Yes,” he said, “but they always say they only like me as a friend.”

“What do you ask them?” the teacher continued.

“I ask them to be my girlfriend. But they always say, ‘No.’”

“Do you ever ask them out for a date? Won’t they go out at all with you?” queried the teacher.

“I never get to ask them out,” he replied. “They won’t agree to be my girlfriend. I can’t spend any money if it will be wasted.”

The secret to his problem was evident. How fortunate we are that God is very different from this young man. In 1 Corinthians Paul tells us we were bought with a price and the price was paid before we were God’s friends. “For if, when we were enemies, we were reconciled to God by the death of His Son, much more, being reconciled, we shall be saved by his life. Romans 5:10

Rogers & Hammerstein had it right in “The King & I” when they wrote,

“Getting to know you,
Getting to know all about you.
Getting to like you,
Getting to hope you like me.”

Jesus is delighted when we get to know Him.

Written January 26, 2003