The Linus Syndrome

Psychologists call them transitional objects. They provide safety and comfort for individuals going through a stressful situation. They are those wonderful tattered, worn teddy bears and blankets that accompany small children through a host of stressful transitions as they learn all about the big world around them.

Sometimes parents become concerned that their children are not normal if they have the Linus Syndrome—named for that Peanuts character Linus and his wonderful blanket. But it is very normal and parents should not worry.

Adults manifest the same syndrome but in different ways. During times of stress they use such things as chewing gum, a hot drink, or a favorite food. Whatever we use, it is for the same purpose. It provides us an island of comfort in a storm of life.

Jesus provides the same thing and lots more. If when things get difficult, we turn to Jesus for comfort or safety He is there. He who knows all our needs will do what is best for us. He is a friend that will never get tattered or worn. He will always be there when you need something safe.

Written in 2000