Quality Reconstruction

There is an old shell of what was once a triple story house in Worcester, Massachusetts. There is not much left of the third floor and the two lower floors have been gutted. In front there is a large sign that reads, “Quality Reconstruction” along with the company name and telephone number. Attached to the sign is a smaller sign that reads, “Help Wanted.”

Do people live all of their lives constructing their characters or reconstructing them? What one thinks about this probably depends on one’s philosophic or theological position on the nature of man. But whether one is constructing or reconstructing, the small sign is very appropriate, “Help Wanted.”

For all those “do-it-yourselfers” think about seeking help. In Romans 6, 7, and 8 Paul describes his frustration at trying to make himself into the kind of man he believed God desired. By himself it just did not work. But there is hope. His name is Jesus and He will respond to any “Help Wanted” sign. And what is more, we do end up with “Quality Reconstruction.” We are the temple of the living God and He is not about to continue living in a dump

Written in 2000