A Moment No Should Ever See

There are some things so very important and so weighty they should not be witnessed by others.  Matthew 27:45 records such a moment in time. “From noon until three in the afternoon darkness came over all the land.”  Jesus has been on the cross for three hours and with the end coming, the agony of separation from His Father, the mental anguish had superseded the horror of the unthinkable physical abuse.  It was time for Jesus to pay the price for our sins.  He who knew no sin had vicariously assumed our guilt.  It was time for Him to die our deserved death that we can live His deserved life.
The ignorant evil crowd being unprepared for total darkness at noon stumbled about in an effort to retreat from site of their evil deed.  They did not deserve to see the cross and the naked broken body of the creator of the universe.  Angels sobbed in shock.  While they knew what was coming the reality was so much worse than  their anticipation of the moment. No one was to watch.  Alone He suffered.  Alone He fended off the taunts of Lucifer, His old friend.  Lucifer was so sure he could make this moment so bad Jesus would give up.  But Jesus would pay the price at any cost for you and me.
I had a friend once tell me when in heaven he wants to watch the video.  I have sincere doubts that once he catches a glimpse of the torn flesh and gaping wounds from the nails he will bury his head in his hands.  No one can or should ever watch.     A thousand years from now our love for Him will have so grown, more than ever we will not be able to watch.