You’re the Greatest

There was a little guy in the grocery cart ahead of me.  He looked to be about twelve months old and I have to say this was not a good looking baby.  As I was trying to ascertain just what it was that was so unattractive someone walked by and said, “What a beautiful child!”  “Whoa,” I thought.  “They must be compensating to make the parent feel good.”   But, as we moved up to the register the clerk said, “What a handsome young man.”  Well, the adjective “young” disqualified me so she must have been talking about the baby. Now, I have to admit had the child been mine or one of my grandchildren, for sure I would have agreed with the other people. 
It just so happened there was also another similarly aged boy in the store.  I thought he was precious.  I wonder if the people who commented on the first child thought differently than I regarding the “precious” child.  Could it have been that the second child was good-looking because he looked like my boys at that age?  But I see many children that don’t look anything like my boys and I think they are really handsome.  No, I have to hold on to the fact that this first child was not well formed.
Now that I have made myself look like a biased old fool by telling you all this, I do have to say since we are God’s children, His bias toward us is extremely skewed.  Genesis tells us He made us in His image.  I have to conclude if we were born with our nose upside-down; God would still think we were the greatest thing since sliced bread. Yeah.  You really are!