A Life of “Get-Tos”

Researchers have shown time and again when people understand the significance of their work they are way more productive than workers given a task with little or no sense of the value of their task.  When asked what they are doing one person will say, “I collect trash.”  Another will answer, “I am making my city a clean and healthy place for my children.”   A person will say, “I teach history” while another will say, “I am teaching children to be better citizens because they understand the lessons of the past.”  Jesus could have said, “I am going to earth to die.”   Instead I’m sure He said, “I am going to earth that everyone who will come to me will live forever.”  
Having a vision and a clear sense of mission enhances our lives.  When I sit down at my computer each evening I can say, “I have to write 300 words before I go to bed.”  That is very laborious.   However, if I say, “Before I go to bed I have the opportunity to change someone’s life” then writing ceases to be a labor and becomes a challenging joy.
When we exchange “I have to” with “I get to” our health scores go up.  Because we are mentally fulfilled, our physical health responses with less stress, lower blood pressure and healing endorphins that flood our system.  I get to go to the dentist today so I’ll have better health is so much better than I have to go to the dentist.
How many things in our lives can we redefine?  Life is a matter of choices and attitudes.  Yes, rotten things do happen.  But they don’t last forever.  Christians should be the happiest, healthiest people in the world because we have a “get to” from out of this world.