A Deal Beyond Great

The mailman just brought me an offer from a large bank offering a great (according to them) deal.  They will pay me 0.90% if I open a money market account.  Humm.  Now let me check that out.  That means if I invest a hundred dollars with them, after a year, they will pay me 90 cents.  When I read the fine print, in order to get this deal, I have to invest a minimum of 10,000 dollars.   That means after a year I would have the overwhelming additional sum of 90 dollars.   After you return your tithe and tax on the growth you are left with about 60 dollars which used to be a tank of gas.  At least now it’s almost two tanks.
The thing that bothers me is being treated like a dolt when they tell me this is a great offer.  It isn’t even a good offer.  They know that.  So why don’t they approach us with truth.  They could say, “This is the best we can offer.”  We understand.  Prime rates are extremely low. 
What I so love about God’s offer to us:  number one, it is really great.  Number two, it is the truth.  Invest your life with Jesus and the reward will be out of this world.  You will have an eternity of growth on your investment, which means you will someday be beyond a trillionaire in the value of the asset that you will be.  When we invest in the bank we can’t use the money; it is tied up.  When we invest with Jesus we get to use all our talents as they grow.  As a matter of fact it is using them that stimulates the growth.   Now this is a deal beyond great.