Solar Panels

I saw something today I don’t understand.  Maybe someone can help me on this.  I saw a house with solar panels covering the entirety of a roof.  What puzzled me was the house was densely shaded on all sides by very large trees.  How effective are those panels? 
I thought of someone trying to be a Christian while continuing to feed on media not only projecting popular secularism but in many cases overtly teaching and promoting immorality and soul-destroying values.  He/she goes to church each weekend but then spends the other six days filling their mind with violent and sexually charged materials.  Are they not countering their one day in church?  Are they not panels seeking and needing sunlight but creating a shady barrier to the nourishment of the Light of the World?
I realize unless one chooses to be a social hermit one cannot block the world’s ever present presentation of secular values.  To accomplish that one would have to watch no television, listen to no radio, nor read any magazines or newspapers.  That is neither practical nor desirable if we seek to be relevant.  I am speaking more about the absence of spiritual feeding.  If we have an hour or a half an hour each day to feed on some entertainment should we not at a minimum counterbalance that with time spent in God’s word or some other up-lifting material that espouses the values we want for our children and ourselves? 
A solar panel shaded will (according to my limited understanding) produce little electricity.  A Christian shaded from the Light of the World will produce little character development.  The very name Christian means Christ-like.  To be like Him one has to know Him.