Don’t Be a Chipmunk

We have this marvelous banquet table under our birdfeeder.  It is rare not to have company.  Yesterday I was watching two rabbits, three chipmunks, two blue jays, one cardinal and four sparrows all on (not around) the table at the same time.  Thinking that I would liven up the feast I got a cup full of black oil sunflower seeds and added them to the seed fallen from above.  What followed next was abominable.   The chipmunks immediately vacuumed them up by stuffing them in their cheeks and running off to hide them.  In less than five minutes the sunflower seeds were all gone. 
When the Romans finally breached the wall of Jerusalem in AD70 they found horrible scenes of starvation so bad that people were eating each other.  Yet they discovered warehouses filled with food.   A selfish few had hoarded from their neighbors.  Thus all were lost.
If history teaches us anything it teaches us that isolationism and protectionism ultimately leads to poverty for all involved.  Selfishness on all levels enhances no one.  Just the opposite is true.  Generosity and care for our neighbors does more than make us feel good inside.  It actually enhances the wealth of all concerned.  Jesus was not just teaching us feel good things.  He was an economist when He said, “It is more blessed to give than receive.”  Acts 20:35. 
We must not spiritualize this away and add it to a book of platitudes.  This is the secret of prosperity on all stages.  Jesus was the wisest man ever.  However, we are also counseled to be wise and not to squander our pearls by giving them the undeserving.   Don’t be a chipmunk.