We Can Be the Light of the World

One evening a few summers ago our dog came into the house with light coming out of her mouth.  It was amazing and spooky.  I followed her as she hurried back outside.  This was just too weird.   She was running around the yard snapping at and catching fireflies.  The light was the phosphorescent material left on her teeth from her strange doings.  One thing I couldn’t understand was how she could bear the taste.  Have you ever smelled your hand after catching a jar full of lightning bugs?  Phew!
I am fascinated by the idea of light coming out of someone’s mouth for that is exactly what happened when Jesus was here.  The things He said.  The sermons He preached.  The stories He told all enlightened the world.  He was the light of the world.  He told us how much the Father cares.  He told us we can be delivered from sin.   He told us how to live better lives.  He told us we can live forever if we will only accept His gift.  John 3:16
The more I think about it the more wonderful it is that light can also come from our mouths.  We can do what Jesus did.  We can tell the world the Good News.  Just think of it: light coming out of our mouths!  I used to think we reflected Jesus’ light.  But now I understand that the Holy Spirit lives in us. That light can come from within us. We can be the light of the world.  At first I thought that was egotistical, but not so if we realize and acknowledge God is using us. The salvation of mankind is a team effort.  How grand that God allows us to be on His team.