Why is Samson Listed in Hebrews 11?

Have you ever wondered why Samson’s name shows up in Hebrews 11?  Hebrews 11 is a list of moral and military giants and right there he is between Barak and Jephthah.  He is like the Hebrew equivalent of a Marvel Comic Book character who should be listed with Superman and Batman because of his super powers. He is an existential mess in need of therapy and is definitely not a moral hero.  He is anything but that.  Yet God puts up with him.  That is probably why he is listed in Hebrews 11.  He is not there because he was great, he is there because God is great.  Samson’s story tells us more about God than about Samson.  
Samson was to be raised with a Nazarite vow.   It had three conditions.  Condition one was not to touch a dead body.  Well he touched plenty.  Just check out what he did with a donkey’s jawbone.  Next he was not to drink anything from grapes nor eat grapes.  He drank plenty.  God still blessed him.  Finally Delilah cuts off his hair and all three conditions have been broken.  God backs off and allows Samson to become normal.  But when Samson confesses his errors God is right back there with him.
This is the great part of the story.  Every time we mess up and confess, God is there.  That is the moral of the story.  Just like God was in the belly of a giant fish with Jonah, God is in prison with Samson.  Samson is a great story because God is great.  So the next time you mess up and feel abandoned remember Samson.  Surely you cannot be as bad as he was.  God doesn’t play favorites.  The message is God will always be there for you.  Always!