Life’s Menu

When we are very small we have very limited options.  We have to eat what others give us and go wherever the family car takes us.  As we mature the menu expands.  We can decide whether or not to continue to eat the family fare or experiment by tasting new foods and new experiences.  Eventually we can choose to set out on our own or continue to live in the world of our family traditions.  Environment and talents have much to do with what’s on the menu.  Few of us could be concert pianists even if we choose to be.
Sometimes life serves us some very unpleasant things.  But we still retain the power of choice.  While we might be forced to “eat” something once we don’t have to continue “eating” it for the rest of our lives.   It’s called forgiveness and moving on.  After a very bad incident I have heard people say they will never forgive the person or organization that hurt them.  That’s a bad choice.  What they are saying is I am going to continue “eating” this day after day for the rest of my life.  When we stop to think about this it is a very stupid decision. 
If one hates Brussels sprouts, why continue eating them?  Forgiveness is choosing to not only stop eating Brussels sprouts but to not even think about eating them.  For most people the quality of life is a combination of many decisions.  If life stinks most often it’s because we have made stinky decisions.  Jesus told us to forgive. Paul wrote, “Whatsoever things are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, of good report think on these things.”  Life hands us a menu.  The meal we eat is our choice.