The Oreo Salesperson

It was so cute it was amazing.  She was a tiny Chinese Vanna White or better yet like the models on the Price Is Right.   We were at the grocery store and kept meeting this petite little girl and her mother because we were going in opposite directions from aisle to aisle – twelve aisles equaled twelve meetings.  Upon one of our meetings I stopped to watch her pick up a packet of Double Stuff Oreos. Holding it in one hand she gave the package the hand/wrist model wave over the package while explaining to her mother the wonders of Oreos.  How could her mother not buy it?  Nabisco should have had their cameras rolling.  We would see her night after night on our television screens.  She could sell millions of Oreos.
It would be awesome if all of us could sell Jesus to the world.  Instead of doing the model hand wave we could show off the great aspects of Jesus by the way we live and the way we treat others.  Nothing sells a product better than happy satisfied customers. I have never met anyone who wanted to live a crummy life.  However, people mess up because they don’t know any better or do know and yet they still make bad choices.  Either way the result is a subpar life.  Jesus wants all of us to live the abundant life.  Barring the random bad things that do happen to good people the quality of our lives can be vastly improved by living a Christ-like life with the help of the Holy Spirit. 
All of us who call ourselves Christians are salespersons (witnesses) for Jesus.  How I wish we were all super salespersons. Our product is so much better than Double Stuff Oreos and that is saying something.