I am rapidly growing to hate Beryl Ives.  I’m sure he was a nice man but I have an earworm of him singing Feliz Navidad and he is driving me mad.   An earworm is a short piece of something audio, usually music, that continuously plays over and over in your mind.  Researchers tell us that 92% of us experience an earworm once a week.  I am so glad I am in the 8% who do not.  Experts recommend chewing gum.  Somehow it involves the tongue and jaw muscles that we use to form sounds and our mind responds by stopping the earworm.
It would be so grand if we had complete control over our minds.  If we could choose our dreams or select which fifteen snippet we want as an earworm life would be even better than it is.  When my sons were small we had tapes of someone singing verses of Scripture.  We would sing (that is a generous term for the noise I made) them at night before they went to bed.  To this day they can remember them.  They would make perfect earworms.
A great song for an earworm would be “Thy word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against thee.”  Psalm 119:11.  “He shall give His angels charge over thee to keep thee in all thy ways.”  Psalm 91:11   “If God be for us who can be against us.”  Romans 8:31.   Then if we had total control over our minds we could turn the earworm off and replace it with another before it became irritating like Beryl Ives is to me right now.
Anyone have a stick of Juicy Fruit?