Take Care and God Bless

I have a friend who speaks abbreviated English.  When we hang up the phone he says, “God bless.”  When we part from an actual face to face meeting he says, “Take care.”  God bless what?  Me? My wife? My dog?  Take care of what? Myself? My wife?  My credit card?  Language is a strange animal.  Never say we don’t believe in evolution.  Language is constantly evolving.  Most sales clerks (store associates) now say, “Have a good one.”  A good what?
Years ago the word “caretaker” was used for anyone in a position of responsibility for almost anything or anyone.  Now “caretaker” is only attached to inanimate things.  If one is responsible for something alive they have become a “caregiver” which I like.  There is huge difference between “taking” and “giving.” It most likely evolved because “caregivers” did not appreciate being called “takers.”
By present day usage God is both “caretaker” and “caregiver.”   He is our “caregiver” and our planet’s “caretaker.” Adam and Eve were “caretakers” of the Garden and “caregivers” for babies Cain and Abel.  If alive today David would write, “The Lord is my caregiver. He leads me to the supermarket and safely down the valley of the interstate.”
Actually I don’t care much what words we use.  I do care about and am so thankful that He cares.  He cares about all our daily needs, problems and challenges. If not a bird falls from the sky unnoticed by Him just imagine how He feels about our risings and fallings.  He is our Father and it’s a great family to be a part of.  Enjoy every moment of it.
“Take care” “God bless” and “Have a good one.”