The Top Ten Reasons for Going to Heaven

November 24, 2015
Top Ten Reasons to Go to Heaven
When David Letterman retired new top ten lists ceased to be.  We cannot let them totally disappear so I feel the need to write a top ten list of reasons for going to heaven.
1.     Your dog will not die.
2.     Your cat will not destroy your couch.
3.     Leftovers in the fridge will not turn green.
4.     Hair will not stop growing on top of your head and start coming out your ears.
5.     No one will have bad breath.
6.     Dandelions will only grow in dandelion gardens.
7.     Spider webs will be cherished works of art.
8.     No medicine chests in the bathrooms.
9.     One’s spouse will never misunderstand you because she/he misheard you.
10. We get to live forever.
What a grand place it will be.  Thank you Jesus.