Jimmy Garoppolo

Unless you live in New England or are an extremely well informed football fan you probably do not recognize the name Jimmy Garoppolo .  This year he will make $1,103,744.  He has a terrific seat at all New England Patriot’s games since he is quarterback Tom Brady’s backup.  New England fans hope he never gets to play.  But today he did play.  He got to come into the game with just a few seconds on the game clock so he could take a snap and kneel down to run out the clock.  I was going to say he gets his million dollars for doing nothing, but that’s not so.  He has to be prepared at a moment’s notice to take over.  He has to memorize the playbook.  He has to stay physically conditioned.  He has to have rapport with his teammates and has to practice as much as Brady.  He is always just one play away from taking over.  He just doesn’t know if or when.
Our lives are similar.  We never know what challenges will come tomorrow.  Sometimes students complain about taking a particular course in their required curriculum.  They claim they will never need the information in those courses.  Psalm 127:4 uses the metaphor that our children are arrows in our quiver.  I tell my students that each class is an arrow in their quiver.  They will never know when that particular skill or knowledge base will be needed because no one knows what will be needed tomorrow.  
In our spiritual lives we should store away in our minds as much Scripture as possible just in case something happens where it would be needed.  The Psalmist knew.  “I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.”  Psalm 119:11