Move that Donkey Out of the Way

This afternoon on our way into our BJ’s (Costco lookalike) a car came up on my bumper blinking her lights.  I waved.  When we passed the main door I paused to wait for a family with a cartful and children in tow to cross in front of us.  The lady in the car behind started blowing her horn at me.  I made sure I parked close to her so I could get a good look at this very rude impatient person.  It was somebody’s grandma.  I certainly hope she has not lived her whole life like she was this afternoon.  When I greeted her she huffed off with her cart and her nose in the air.  I was tempted to follow her up and down the aisles but I resisted.  Who knows maybe she was packing a gun!
Have you ever had someone cut you off only for them to be stopped at a red light a block down the street?  You pull up beside them and smile as they must realize they endangered themselves and others for nothing. 
Our actions behind the wheel of our cars speak volumes about our characters.  It spills over into the regular routines and interactions with family and colleagues.  We sometimes wonder why we are so uptight and at odds with others.  Is it really the others?  Do we really have to allow others to control how we respond?  We pride ourselves on being free and autonomous and yet sacrifice our free will by acting so selfishly in response to others’ selfishness.
Perhaps our driving habits are a dipstick into the well of our Christianity.  Maybe when we drive we really should drive like Jesus would.  I have a difficult time picturing Him honking for people to get out of His way.