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So Much More

I spent a lion’s share of the day connected to bottles and needles being filled with lots of interestingly expensive stuff.  Because it was 72 degrees (that is fascinating prior to the ides of March) when I came home I sat outside enjoying the warmth.  A mosquito landed on my arm and I watched her drink. (What’s one more needle?)  As she tanked up it occurred to me that she was getting far more than she thought she was getting.  Along with the blood she also tanked up on all the other stuff that was put in this morning.  I wonder how she will respond to her exotic meal.  Remember Peter Parker?  He was altered because of a spider bite.  Maybe this will be the reverse.  The mosquito will be altered because she bit me.
In the midst of my ridiculous musings I remembered Eve.  She bit and she got ever so much more than she thought she was getting.  Satan did not lie when he told her she would learn much.  She did.  She learned about death, disease, hatred, etc.  When a teen decides to start smoking they too will get much more than they think they are getting.  They are getting bad breath, stained teeth, tarred up lungs, premature wrinkles and finally an early death.  Sin is that way.  It looks good.  Often it starts out nice but once past the sweet part comes the payment.  
If only we could trust God and understand He always has our best interest at heart.  God has a reason for the don’ts.  I have a grandson who once stood in front of our woodstove.  Long he stared and then he did it.  He touched it.  He got so much more than he had imagined.

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