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Roger Bothwell
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The Dollar Tree

I have a confession to make.  My favorite store is Dollar Tree.  One never knows exactly what will be available.  When wandering about I stock up on things I know I will eventually need.  If I see my usual kind of toothpaste I will get a tube even though I’m not in an immediate need. 
I do the same thing with memorizing verses from Scripture.  Not always is a text needed for an immediate problem.  But it’s good to have just in case.  The Psalms have texts about enemies.  I don’t have any.  (Oh, I know there are people that don’t wish me well.  That makes me their enemy.  It doesn’t make them mine.)  David seemed to have several enemies.  It must be the price one pays for being important.
But back to the idea of storing up things for future needs.  One can’t have too many verses tucked away.  Modern poems are like that as well as Psalms.  When I was in high school our English teacher had us memorize many poems by Robert Frost.  Now decades later as I ride around New England I see rock walls, woods and many things that bring them to memory.  I love it.  It adds so much to an afternoon drive.  I have even stopped by a wood on a snowy evening to watch it fill up with snow.
Treat yourself.  Exercise your brain.  Learn some memory verses.  Just one a week will next year at this time put 52 new arrows in your quiver.  They also create pathways for God to talk to you.  I realize He can talk to you anytime but it doesn’t hurt to make it easier for Him by storing up His Word in your heart.  Psalm 119:11.

It's All about Family

Today is a day from Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring.   There are no birds, there are no squirrels.  My bird feeders hang dormant.  The suet feeders are untouched.  Normally when this happens it is short lived because our neighborhood hawk is present.  But this has been all day.  Could there be an owl on my roof that I cannot see?  It is rainy and gray but that alone should not explain the total dearth.   I feel like singing Peter Paul and Mary’s Where Have All the Flowers Gone and swap the word flowers with the word birds.
Just as I miss the birds so would God miss us if we were not part of His family.  Perhaps that’s not true.  While the absence of birds leaves me vacant, God’s missing us is a thousand times more devastating to Him.  One of the most poignant passages of Scripture is Matthew 23:37.   Jesus is weeping over Jerusalem.  “Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who kill the prophets and stone those sent to you, how often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, and you were not willing.”
When Jesus told us to pray “Our Father” He revolutionized our approach to God.  God is not merely the all powerful, all knowing force in the universe.  He is the head of a family. The universe isn’t just about galaxies, solar systems and worlds unnumbered.  It is about family.  We just had Thanksgiving and not everyone was blessed to sit at a table with all their children and grandchildren.  Those not there were missed.  Revelation 19 tells us about the wedding feast of the Lamb.  It will be a glorious event with all of God’s children in attendance.  If you are not there you will be missed.  For sure – you will be missed.

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